Union Custom House Rainier

Color: Jubilee Green

Size: M/L – L/XL

Union Binding Company teams up with iconic Northwest beer label Rainier, for a super limited run of co-branded bindings that will quench your thirst for ripping up nature’s snowy bounty this winter. Based on the Force chassis, the refreshing Rainier binding features Team Highbacks, SonicFused/UltraGrip Straps, and of course – a Lifetime Warranty Base. Grab yourself a Rainier, because the best things in life are “Rated R”!

BASEPLATE: Stage IV Baseplate (Force)


HIGHBACK: Team HighBack

FORWARD LEAN ADJUSTER: Shift-on-the-fl y Forward Lean

BUSHING: Multi Density Thermoformed Eva

HEELCUP: Extruded 3D Aluminum

ANKLE STRAP: 3D direct Connect Straps System

ANKLE STRAP TECH: SonicFused Straps

TOE STRAP: UltraGrip Toe Straps

BUCKLES: Magnesium Buckles

DISK: 4X4+Channel Ready

HARDWARE: Grade 8.8 Hardware

PACKAGING: Thermoformed Box

EXTRA: Lifetime warranty Baseplate

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