Union Danny Kass Blazed-Confused

The Danny Kass

Danny Kass and Union have team up once again for an ultra limited-edition pro model. Designed to meet the standards of a five-time US Open champ with two Olympic medals, the “Blazed and Confused” binding features a lifetime warranty Stave IV Baseplate, Ultra Grip Toe Straps, Team Highbacks, and bulletproof Duraflex ST Nylon throughout. If you’re ready to party like it’s the last day of high school, grab a pair of these lightweight performance-driven ass kickers, for an all around good time.

Color: Blazed-Confused

Size: M/L – L/XL

Price: $259.99

BASEPLATE: Stage IV Baseplate (Force)
HIGHBACK: Team HighBack
FORWARD LEAN ADJUSTER: Shift-on-the-fl y Forward Lean
BUSHING: Multi Density Thermoformed Eva
HEELCUP: Extruded 3D Aluminum
ANKLE STRAP: 3D direct Connect Straps System
ANKLE STRAP TECH: SonicFused Straps
TOE STRAP: UltraGrip Toe Straps
BUCKLES: Magnesium Buckles
DISK: 4X4+Channel Ready
HARDWARE: Grade 8.8 Hardware
PACKAGING: Thermoformed Box (AKA Beer cooler)
EXTRA: Lifetime warranty Baseplate

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