Union X Commission Ltd SuperForce

Color: America

Size: M/L – L/XL

Price: $259.95
We the people of the Union Binding Company, in order to form binding-to-board harmony, established this stripped down performance, driven machine that will insure tranquility on powder days, and promote your general welfare out on the slopes. Loaded with an arsenal of features, and produced in limited quantities, the superforce is the official binding for the national brotherhood of snowboarding.

BASEPLATE: Stage IV Baseplate (Force)


HIGHBACK: Team HighBack

FORWARD LEAN ADJUSTER: Shift-on-the-fly Forward Lean

BUSHING: Multi Density Thermoformed Eva

HEELCUP: Extruded 3D Aluminum

ANKLE STRAP: 3D direct Connect Straps System

ANKLE STRAP TECH: SonicFused Straps

TOE STRAP: UltraGrip Toe Straps

BUCKLES: Magnesium Buckles

DISK: 4X4+Channel Ready

HARDWARE: Grade 8.8 Hardware

PACKAGING: Thermoformed Box

EXTRA: Lifetime warranty Baseplate

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